You have no idea about this Constitution Revision Commission thing, do you?

Don’t be alarmed. Hardly anybody does.

Florida TaxWatch released a telephone survey this week that found 77 percent of registered voters asked said they read or heard nothing about the body.

Just under 13 percent said they heard “a little” about CRC activities. Only 10 percent heard of the group “some” or a lot. This didn’t vary much by party or section of the state.

Only 2 percent of respondents said they heard of the group “a lot.” Where they found those people, I don’t know. They didn’t ask me.

So what is the Constitution Revision Commission?

The Constitution Revision Commission is the best Southern rock jam-band now out there. They really rocked it here last Spring Break. You should hear what they do with “Free Bird.”

Just kidding. A little joke for the 2 percent of you out there.

The CRC is a group that meets every 20 years to look at the big picture of Florida government and suggests updates and improvements to the state constitution. Its recommendations go on the ballot and are then subject to voter approval. [READ MORE]