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“Ultimate Fighter” show prompts records exemption – The News Service of Florida

02/11/16 – State Capital Briefs Pointing to a need to protect proprietary information, the Florida Senate on Thursday approved broadening a public-records exemption in an issue stemming from “The Ultimate Fighter” television show. Senators voted 35-5 to approve the bill
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Curb corruption, keep government open: Editorial – Orlando Sentinel

02/11/16 – By Editorial Board It’s a Darwinian environment for legislation in Florida’s Capitol. The sheer number of bills introduced during the state’s annual legislative sessions means many good measures get trampled in the stampede, while some bad ones sneak
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WCJB-TV – Sunshine law complaint filed against Hutchinson, Cornell

02/11/16 – BY WCJB-TV Staff State attorney Bill Cervone is reviewing claims that two county commissioners violated Florida’s sunshine law.  A complaint was filed with Cervone’s office Wednesday morning stating that chair Robert “hutch” Hutchinson and commissioner Ken Cornell were
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Working hard to keep citizens in the dark – Context Florida

02/09/16 – By Diane Roberts OCCUPIED TALLAHASSEE — They call us the Sunshine State, but Florida’s government prefers to operate in the shadows. Like vampire bats, cockroaches and mold spores. If you can’t see what the government is doing, you
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Senate Judiciary Committee hears public records bill today – Historic City News

02/09/16 – By St. Augustine Barbara Petersen, president of the Florida First Amendment Foundation of which Historic City News is an Internet publication member, says a proposed legislative change would weaken the only recourse afforded citizens whose constitutional right to
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Senators pursue public-records exemption to shield to hunters – Ocala Star Banner

02/09/16 – By Jim Turner, The News Service of Florida The next time a bear hunt is conducted in Florida, the hunters could get some additional camouflage. The Senate Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee on Tuesday backed a measure that
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Editorial: Florida League of Cities goes too far, too fast – Sun-Sentinel

02/08/16 – By the Sun-Sentinel Editorial Staff Because of a few bad actors, the Florida League of Cities is marshaling a major assault on the state’s public records law, a move that could chill your right to know. Right now,
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Editorial: Lyons: City’s homeless czar in the dark on Sunshine Law – Herald-Tribune

02/08/16 – By Tom Lyons Even if ignorance of the law were an excuse, Doug Logan’s explanations that he only accidentally broke Florida’s public records laws are starting to look incredibly unconvincing. Just last week I explained that Logan, Sarasota’s
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