Support Speaker Corcoran’s crusade for transparency in tourist agencies

Orlando Sentinel by Barbara Petersen, Guest Columnist August 31, 2017 One of the big controversies swirling around Tallahassee during the 2017 legislative session centered on House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s vow to slash funding for Visit Florida, the statewide tourism council. Corcoran
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Did legislators expand the trade secret law to include contracts?

Just months ago, Gov. Rick Scott and legislators passed legislation to expand trade secrets and potentially keep more business deals with entertainers from public view. by Tampa Bay Times’ Mary Ellen Klas December 16, 2016 The governor signed and all
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Gov. Scott no champion of state transparency

The latest twist on the amazing Pitbull payment saga comes from Gov. Rick Scott, who on Friday called for Visit Florida’s CEO Will Seccombe to resign for trying mightily but vainly to keep secret the terms of a contract with
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