Tallahassee: Obfuscation and Secrecy vs. Transparency and Accountability

October 30, 2017 Over the weekend, the First Amendment Foundation (FAF) sent a strongly worded letter to Tallahassee City Attorney Lewis B. Shelley requesting that he perform a thorough investigation into the process by which city employees attempted to comply with
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A crisis of confidence in our city government

Tallahassee Democrat Editorial October 24, 2017 The Democrat has written more than 60 stories on the FBI investigation into city corruption and related issues of ethics and impropriety. None has been more startling – and has included such a smoking
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Scott’s appointments, secrecy undercut his Irma performance

Tampa Bay Times Editorial September 28, 2017 Gov. Rick Scott gets generally good reviews for his consistent warnings before Hurricane Irma and for the state’s response afterward. But even in the midst of dealing with a major hurricane and the
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Support Speaker Corcoran’s crusade for transparency in tourist agencies

Orlando Sentinel by Barbara Petersen, Guest Columnist August 31, 2017 One of the big controversies swirling around Tallahassee during the 2017 legislative session centered on House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s vow to slash funding for Visit Florida, the statewide tourism council. Corcoran
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Visit Orlando hides spending records for millions of tax dollars

Orlando Sentinel column by Scott Maxwell August 25, 2017 Three decades ago, local leaders wanted to do more to promote Orlando as a vacation destination. Basically, the tourism industry was tired of paying for all its own advertising. So chamber-of-commerce
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How much secrecy does Spaceport America need?

The Spaceport wants the ability to keep all sorts of information secret, including the identities of commercial space companies doing business there.  Las Cruces Sun-News by Heath Haussamen About this series: This article is part of an NMPolitics.net series examining Spaceport America’s impact
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Republicans who decried Obamacare secrecy now writing legislation in secret

Washington Post by Karen Tumulty June 21, 2017 Hypocrisy has always been a vital lubricant to making the gears turn in Washington. Give politicians some power and a job to get done, and they quickly forget their righteous critiques of
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