Trump dissolves controversial voter fraud commission, says states fought information requests

Washington Post by John Wagner January 4, 2018 President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that he is disbanding a controversial panel studying alleged voter fraud that became mired in federal lawsuits, including from one of its own members, and faced
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Trump disbands controversial voting commission, citing ‘endless legal battles’

USA Today by Gregory Korte and Deborah Barfield Berry January 4, 2018 President Trump signed an executive order late Wednesday disbanding his own election integrity commission after less than eight months, saying he didn’t want to waste taxpayer money fighting
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Florida voters cancel their own registration. Is Trump’s fraud commission the cause?

Tampa Bay Times by Asa Royal July 31, 2017 During a recent 20-day period, 1,715 Florida voters took themselves off the registration rolls. The 117 percent spike in cancellations over the same period last year came as news spread of
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As Trump’s fraud commission sought data, some Florida voters cancelled registrations

Tampa Bay Times by Asa Royal July 26, 2017 After news spread last month that President Donald Trump’s fraud commission was requesting voter data from all 50 states, 1,715 voters in Florida took themselves off the registration rolls. Though the cancellations
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In Miami, federal judge orders Florida not to send private voter data but allows Trump commission to proceed

Miami Herald by Amy Sherman July 18, 2017 A Miami federal judge ruled Monday that Florida election officials can only send public data to President Donald Trump‘s voter fraud commission. U.S. District Court Judge Marcia Cooke declined a request by the the ACLU
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ACLU of Florida sues Trump voter fraud commission

Miami Herald by Amy Sherman July 10, 2017 The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit Monday in Miami seeking to prevent President Donald Trump’s voter-fraud commission from collecting voter data it is seeking from all 50 states. The lawsuit was filed
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