A ‘travesty’ in Tallahassee?

Takeaways from Tallahassee by Florida Politics’ Peter Schorsch December 11, 2017 A coalition of progressive and open government organizations is again taking the state’s Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) to task, this time for “glaring examples of rule violations” and calling
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FAF & Coalition Letter to CRC RE: Rules Violations

December 8, 2017 DELIVERED VIA EMAIL [VIEW PDF VERSION] RE: CRC Credibility Dear Chairman Beruff: We write to express our concern that the CRC and some members are failing to comply with the CRC Rules adopted on June 7, 2017.
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Don’t tinker with privacy

Panama City News Herald Editorial November 6, 2017 Don’t make the definition of privacy too narrow. A member of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission is proposing an amendment that would add 10 words to a section of the state constitution —
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‘Privacy’ amendment to Florida Constitution is bad idea | Thumb down

TC Palm Editorial November 2, 2017 Florida residents are lucky. We’re guaranteed access to public records by some of the strongest sunshine laws in the country. Those laws help expose corruption and track how taxpayer money is spent. But a new
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Constitutional amendment on privacy piques abortion-rights advocates

Florida Politics by Ana Ceballos November 1, 2017 A proposed amendment to the state constitution tweaking the right to privacy sparked a debate over abortion when pro-choice advocates argued the new language would weaken access to the procedure. The issue
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Fla. Privacy Proposal A Blow To Transparency, Group Says

Law360 by Sophia Morris November 1, 2017 A Florida transparency watchdog criticized a proposed amendment to the right to privacy section of the state’s constitution, warning that the changes could restrict access to public records as the Legislature may be
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CRC Chairman Carlos Beruff Letter in the Orlando Sentinel: “Constitution panel explains the process”

RE: Constitution panel shortchanged public on amendment ideas | Orlando Sentinel editorial Constitution panel explains the process – Carlos Beruff letter to the editor November 1, 2017, Orlando Sentinel The Orlando Sentinel editorial, “Constitution panel shortchanged public on amendment ideas,” (OrlandoSentinel.com,
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Constitution panel shortchanged public on amendment ideas

Orlando Sentinel Editorial October 27, 2017 Proposing amendments to the Florida Constitution is normally a privilege reserved for state legislators, or for special-interest groups with pockets deep enough to invest millions of dollars into petition drives and gather hundreds of
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Don’t be stingy with public ideas

The CRC had an extremely discriminating filter. Daytona Beach News Journal Editorial October 26, 2017 The Florida Constitution Revision Commission spent months traveling around the state asking citizens for their opinions on how to improve state government. Apparently, the panel
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CRC Chairman Carlos Beruff Letter in the Dayton Beach News Journal: “Commission is Listening”

RE: Don’t Be Stingy with Public Ideas | Daytona Beach News Journal editorial Commission is listening – Carlos Beruff letter to the editor November 1, 2017, Daytona Beach News Journal The Oct. 26 News-Journal editorial, “Don’t be stingy with public ideas,” correctly
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