School vouchers gone wild: A serious problem exposed by serious journalism

Orlando Sentinel by Scott Maxwell October 20, 2017 If you haven’t read about the Sentinel’s groundbreaking investigative project on school vouchers on the front of our website, stop reading this column now and go read it. Seriously. I’ll wait. That
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Feds extend deadline for Florida education plan shrouded in secrecy

POLITICO by Daniel Ducassi September 18, 2017 Federal education officials are giving the state more time to submit its plan to meet the requirements of a new federal education law — a move that will give state officials a few
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A literal backroom meeting helped yield last week’s compromise on testing reforms

Tampa Bay Times by Kristen M. Clark May 10, 2017 When Republican and Democratic senators a week ago were grappling with how to reach middle ground on proposed testing reforms for K-12 public schools, they hashed out their differences, quite literally, in
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Where are the compromises on education policy for the public to vet? For now, still private.

Miami Herald by Kristen M. Clark April 29, 2017 With barely three days left before lawmakers have to finalize the annual state budget if session is to end as scheduled May 5, Floridians still have very little idea what kind
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Legislators seek to end funding for college support groups

Orlando Sentinel by Gabrielle Russon April 5, 2017 State legislators are pushing for universities and colleges to stop spending millions of taxpayer dollars on private groups that run high-profile programs such as athletics and fund raising and to require them
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