After lawsuit, city officials pledge to release text messages

Tallahassee Democrat by Jeff Burlew December 7, 2017 A week after the Tallahassee Democrat sued the city of Tallahassee over its failure to collect and produce text messages of its employees and elected officials, city commissioners voted to proceed with a
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Tallahassee Democrat sues city over deleted texts; city ‘committed to doing better’

Tallahassee Democrat by Jeffrey Schweers November 29, 2017 The lawsuit filed in Leon Circuit Court puts in motion a process where the city and Democrat negotiate a consent order to develop policies and procedures to preserve text messages and produce
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City to consider text messaging, public records policy

WCTV by Mariel Carbone November 28, 2017 The City of Tallahassee will consider a new public records policy regarding text messages to and from city employees at its December meeting. In an item outlined in the meeting agenda, the City
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City commission approves leave for City Manager Fernandez

Tallahassee Democrat by Jeffrey Schweers November 8, 2017 The City Commission unanimously voted Wednesday to grant City Manager Rick Fernandez a paid administrative leave of absence but will revisit the decision at its Dec. 6 meeting. The board also unanimously
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City reverses course, will post FBI records on website without $22,000 charge

Tallahassee Democrat by Jeffrey Schweers November 8, 2017 The Tallahassee City Commission voted 4-1 Wednesday to make available for free all public records the city has provided to a federal grand jury in connection with an ongoing public corruption investigation. Mayor Andrew Gillum
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City: Fernandez deleted text messages to lobbyist

City wants $22,275 for additional public records subpoeaned by FBI Tallahassee Democrat by Jeffrey Schweers November 7, 2017 City Manager Rick Fernandez deleted from his cell phone a text message chain with a lobbyist who he asked for pricey football tickets, believing
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Culture of secrecy, arrogance, privilege, backscratching must stop

Tallahassee Democrat by Will Croley Will Croley is president of the Board of Directors NEBA Board of Directors of the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates. November 5, 2017 The Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates thanks the Tallahassee Democrat for its
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State attorney: ‘Hearsay’ not enough to pursue criminal charges over football tickets

Tallahassee Democrat by Jeffrey Schweers October 31, 2017 State Attorney Jack Campbell said he doesn’t have enough evidence before him to open a criminal investigation into City Manager Rick Fernandez accepting football tickets and a discount on his daughter’s wedding reception. “I am
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First Amendment Foundation demands investigation of how records request was handled

Tallahassee Democrat by Jeffrey Schweers October 30, 2017 The First Amendment Foundation has asked for a formal investigation into whether city officials broke the state’s public records law when it told a Tallahassee Democrat reporter the records he requested didn’t
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Tallahassee: Obfuscation and Secrecy vs. Transparency and Accountability

October 30, 2017 Over the weekend, the First Amendment Foundation (FAF) sent a strongly worded letter to Tallahassee City Attorney Lewis B. Shelley requesting that he perform a thorough investigation into the process by which city employees attempted to comply with
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