Open Government Resources

  1. The Office of Open Government
    (850) 921-6099
    The Office of Open Government in the Executive Office of the Governor provides assistance relating to the Sunshine law, the Public Records Act, and access to state agencies.
  2. The Attorney General’s Open Government Mediation Program
    (850) 245-0157
    The mediation program is established in section 16.60, Florida Statutes, as an alternative for the resolution of public access disputes. The program is voluntary and both sides must agree to consider mediation if the program is to be initiated.  The Attorney General’s Office also publishes and sells the Public Records Guide for Law Enforcement. Additionally, the Office website provides an abridged version of the Government in the Sunshine Manual and Attorney General Opinions.
  3. The Florida Department of State, State Library & Archives of Florida
    (850) 245-6750
    Section 119.021, F.S., requires the Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services, to adopt rules to establish retention schedules and a disposal process for public records. Every agency that is subject to public records requirements must comply with those rules. The Bureau of Archives & Record Management of the Division of Library and Information Services also provides information regarding public records retention and records management.
  4. The Brechner Center for Freedom of Information/University of Florida
    (352) 392-2273
    The Brechner Center provides statistical information about public records and Sunshine Law, including a database which tracks violations of the law, and also publishes “The Brechner Report,” a monthly report of mass media law in Florida.
  5. The National Freedom of Information Coalition
    (573) 882-5736
    The NFOIC is an umbrella freedom of information organization.
  6. The Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press
    (800) 336-4243
    The Committee provides legal assistance to journalists and can provide information regarding First Amendment rights.
  7. The Florida Society of Newspaper Editors
    This organization is a resource for journalist and media outlets. The Society works to advance the cause of responsible journalism by promoting and protecting freedom of information and public access.
  8. The Florida Press Association
    (850) 222-5790
    The Florida Press Association focuses on protecting freedom of the press and advancing the professional standards of media in Florida.
  9. The Poynter Institute
    (888) 769-6837
    The Poynter Institute is a school dedicated to provide assistance to journalists and citizens on a wide array of issues.
  10. The Sunshine Review
  11. The Online News Association
  12. is a coalition of journalists, consumer, good- and limited- government groups, environmentalists, library groups, labor, and others united to make the federal government a more open place in order to make us safer, strengthen public trust in government, and support our democratic principles. Our coalition transcends partisan lines and includes progressives, libertarians, and conservatives.
  13. The First Amendment Coalition
    The First Amendment Coalition is an award-winning, nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to advancing free speech, more open and accountable government, and public participation in civic affairs.
  14. The Florida Bar
    The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service and local bar association lawyer referral services are designed to make it easy for consumer to contact a lawyer. Do you have a legal problem… and don’t know an attorney? Call (800) 342-8011. It will place you in direct contact with The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service maintained as a public service by The Florida Bar.

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