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  • jennifer feliu

    My factual knowledge and research is necessary . I have information on all topics of concern addressed both elected officials and the highly educated public. The highest regard for opinion when it actually is an educated response is how I communicate. Medical care and prejudice is identied throughout all classes. Doctors do not lie nor are they always nice when giving care because it is obvious they are criminals not following the law when it comes to treatment. Yet, they are still way better then the vast majority even with their honesty and respect toward the educated. Without the opinion of the patient is how public health care is run including children who suffer abuse from the parent to stay at that lower class level due to competition. The higher class pay for that response giving prostitution a whole new definition. It is in no way acceptable to have psychiatric centers any longer including centers geared to the higher class yet noone can actually afford them. This includes rehabs as well. Where drug use does not make you guilty for a crime. Nor is it a medical concern to get off drugs when they are necessary of course dependant on the level of production and criminal background. Doctors put a focus on controlled substances when it comes to the lower class and the genius. Any controlled substances become outlawed either due to production competition or to give the lower class criminal an added bonus of extreme pain with no remedy. THe predujice module carries over to even what is sold medicinally and how much more available bette cuts of meat and vitamins are at the grocery store. Yet, also any lower class individual could make that extra trip into a higher class store instead of abusing innocent people like me and giving up even more rights to the higher class due to their guilt.


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