MuckRock community successfully completes its 10,000th public records request

Image via MuckRock

Since 2010, MuckRock requesters have fought for transparency one request at a time

by MuckRock’s Michael Morisy

June 7, 2017

MuckRock users come from different walks of life and all parts of the country, united in the idea that government by the people must be a government that is open to the people.

Thanks to that belief – and a helpful community of committed FOIA filers – MuckRock users have now collectively filed 10,000 successful FOIA and public records requests, releasing almost 1.5 million pages of previously secret government records into the public domain.

The vast majority of those 10,000 requests are already public (browse completed MuckRock requests here), meaning that anyone can get a first-hand understanding of how their government operates.

You can also get a sense for the scope of that work by browsing our public records projects, which highlight some of the critical ways that public records help enhance government transparency and accountability. [READ MORE]

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