2014 Bill Letters

2014 Open Government Sunset Reviews

CS/HB 89, Threatened Use of Force – Veto Request

HB 135, Public Records & Public Meetings/Postsecondary Education Executive Search

HB 157, Exemption/Fracturing Chemical Usage Disclosure Act

HB 265, Arrest Booking Photographs

HB 421, Public Record Exemption/Email Addresses

HB 481, Exemption/Dates of Birth

SB 538, Public Record Exemption/Email Addresses

SB 606, Ethics and Open Government Training/City Officials

CLARIFICATION – FAF Position on SB 606 and HB 655

HB 655, Ethics and Open Government Training/City Officials

HB 689, Exemption/Medical Gas Permit Trade Secrets

SB 718, Public Meetings/Agendas

HB 775, Exemption/Florida State Boxing Commission

SB 808, Exemption/Florida State Boxing Commission

HB 865, Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

HB 985, Notice/Public Meetings

SB 1046, Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

HB 1083, Exemption/CDD Surveillance Recordings

HB 1103, Economic Incentive Programs

SB 1152 (2013), Exemption – Financial Records

HB 1153, Citizen Support and Direct-Support Organizations

SB 1194, Citizen Support and Direct-support Organizations

SB 1218, Public Records/CDD Surveillance Recordings

SB 1240, Exemption/Financial Statements – Contract Bidding

SB 1270, Economic Incentive Programs

CS/CS/SB 1320 Public Records/OFR – Family Trust Companies – Veto Request

SB 1356 Exemption/Dates of Birth – Registered Voters

HB 1375, Federal RESTORE Act/Gulf Coast States Restoration

HB 1437, Exemption/Drug Testing of Public Officers

SB 1610, Federal RESTORE Act

SPB 7014, OGSR/Department of Health

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