2001 Legislative Session Final Report For Period Ending May 4

Symbol Meaning
Current action
CS Committee Substitute
P Passed both Chambers
W Withdrawn from further consideration

For Period Ending: May 4

What follows is a list of all the bills we tracked during the 2001 Legislative Session, and the final action on each bill. On page 9, you will find a detailed description of each bill that passed the 2001 Legislature.

Final Action/Open Government Bills
2001 Legislative Session

CS/HB 3 and CS/SB 714, Citizen’s Right to Honest Government
Rep. Randy Ball (R-Titusville); Sen. John Sebesta (R-St. Petersburg)

  • CS/HB 3 died on H. Calendar; CS/SB 714 died in committee.

HB 65 and SB 356, Public Libraries/Obscenity
Rep. Allen Trovillion (R-Winter Park); Sen. Skip Campbell (D-Tamarac)

  • HB 65 died on H. Calendar; SB 356 died on S. Calendar.

SJR 92, Legislature/Open Meetings
Sen. Kendrick Meek (D-Miami)

  • SJR 92 died in committee.

SB 270, DNA Test Results
Sen. Ron Silver (D-N. Miami)

  • SB 270 died in committee.

CS/HB 275, Campaign Treasurer Reports
Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Lakeland)

  • CS/HB 275 died in committee.

CS/CS/SB 306 and CS/HB 1765, Crime Victims/Notification
Sen. Bill Clary (R-Destin); Rep. Jerry Melvin (R-Ft. Walton Beach)

  • CS/SB 306 PASSED the Legislature; CS/HB 1765 died on H. Calendar. See CS/SB 306

CS/HB 365 and CS/SB 840, DOH/Personal Information
Rep. Mike Hogan (R-Jacksonville); Sen. Burt Saunders (R-Cape Coral)

  • CS/HB 365 tabled; CS/SB 840 PASSED the Legislature. See CS/SB 840

SB 382 and HB 385, OGSR/City Utilities – Sealed Bids
S. Comprehensive Planning; H. State Administration

  • SB 382 was tabled; HB 385 PASSED the Legislature. See HB 385

HB 383 and SB 632, OGSR/Bank Acct Numbers
H. State Administration; S. Governmental Oversight

  • HB 383 died in committee; SB 632 died in committee.

SB 384 and HB 399, OGSR/911 Telephone Calls
S. Comprehensive Planning; H. State Administration

  • SB 384 was tabled; HB 399 PASSED the Legislature. See HB 399

HB 387 and SB 454, OGSR/Sport Industry Donors
H. State Administration; S. Commerce

  • HB 387 PASSED the Legislature; SB 454 was tabled. See HB 387

HB 389 and SB 484, OGSR/Economic Development Agencies
H. State Administration; S. Commerce

  • HB 389 died on S. Calendar; SB 484 was tabled. But see HB 1541

HB 391 and SB 486, OGSR/QDC-Tax Refund Programs
H. State Administration; S. Commerce

  • HB 391 died in committee; SB 486 died in Messages.

HB 393 and SB 456, OGSR/Fla. Tourism Industry
H. State Administration; S. Commerce

  • HB 393 PASSED the Legislature; SB 456 was tabled. See HB 393

HB 395 and SB 1062, OGSR/Airport Security Plans
H. State Administration; S. Transportation

  • HB 395 PASSED the Legislature; SB 1062 was tabled. See HB 395

HB 397 and SB 1060, OGSR/Toll Facilities
H. State Administration; S. Transportation

  • HB 397 PASSED the Legislature; SB 1060 was tabled. See HB 397

HB 401 and SB 414, OGSR/Antitrust Letters
H. State Administration; S. Health

  • HB 401 PASSED the Legislature; SB 414 was tabled. See HB 401

HB 403 and SB 804, OGSR/Pawnbroker Transactions
H. State Administration; S. Criminal Justice

  • HB 403 PASSED the Legislature; SB 804 was tabled. See HB 403

HB 405 and CS/SB 1026, OGSR/Surplus Lines Insurance
H. State Administration; S. Banking & Insurance

  • HB 405 PASSED the Legislature; CS/SB 1026 was tabled. See HB 405

HB 407 and SB 418, OGSR/University Health Service Support Organizations
H. State Administration; S. Education

  • HB 407 PASSED the Legislature; SB 418 was tabled. See HB 407

HB 477 and SB 1314, Abandoned Newborns
Rep. Mike Hogan (R-Jacksonville); Sen. Burt Saunders (R-Cape Coral)

  • HB 477 died in returning Messages; SB 1314 was tabled.

SB 514, Use of Public Record Information
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • SB 514 died in Messages.

CS/SB 524 and HB 1845, Criminal Use of Personal Information
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach); H. Information Technology Committee

  • CS/SB 524 was tabled; HB 1845 PASSED the Legislature. See HB 1845

HB 599 and CS/SB 772, Non-Title IV Child Support Services
Rep. Connie Mack (R-Ft. Lauderdale); Sen. Debby Sanderson (R-Ft. Lauderale)

  • HB 599 died on H. Calendar; CS/SB 772 PASSED the Legislature. See CS/SB 772

HB 643 and SB 696, Criminal Use of Personal Information
Rep. Jack Seiler (D-Ft. Lauderdale); Sen. Skip Campbell (D-Tamarac)

  • HB 643 died in committee; SB 696 died in Messages.

SB 692 and HB 1067, Adverse Incident Reports
Sen. Charlie Clary (R-Destin); Rep. Bruce Kyle (R-Ft. Myers)

  • SB 692 died on S. Calendar; HB 1067 died in committee.

CS/CS/HB 721 and SB 1380, Agricultural Records
Rep. Dwight Stansel (D-Live Oak); Sen. John Laurent (R-Bartow)

  • CS/CS/HB 721 PASSED the Legislature; SB 1380 was tabled. See CS/CS/HB 721

HB 731 and SB 768, Home Address/Human Resource Managers
Rep. Jeff Kottkamp (R-Cape Coral); Sen. Debby Sanderson (R-Ft. Lauderdale)

  • HB 731 was tabled; SB 768 died in Messages. But see SB 1766

CS/HB 789 and CS/SB 2220, Software Copyright
Rep. David Mealor (R-Lake Mary); Sen. Bill Posey (R-Rockledge)

  • CS/HB 789 was tabled; CS/SB 2220 PASSED the Legislature. See CS/SB 2220

CS/HB 813 and CS/SB 1096, Pharmaceutical Adverse Incidents
Rep. Charlie Justice (D-St. Petersburg); Sen. Skip Campbell (D-Tamarac)

  • HB 813 died in council; CS/SB 1096 died in committee.

CS/SB 874 and HB 1811, Information Technology/Chief Privacy Officer

  • CS/SB 874 was tabled; HB 1811 PASSED the Legislature. See HB 1811

CS/SB 892 and HB 1985, Deferred Presentment Database
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • CS/SB 892 PASSED the Legislature; HB 1985 died on H. Calendar. See CS/SB 892

CS/SB 894 and HB 1535, Educational Professionals
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami); Rep. Evelyn Lynn (R-Ormond Beach)

  • CS/SB 894 died in Messages; HB 1535 died on H. Calendar.

SB 896, Public Records Exemption
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • SB 896 died in committee.

SB 898, Public Records Exemption
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • SB 898 died in committee.

SB 900, Public Records Exemption
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • SB 900 died in committee.

SB 902, Public Records Exemption
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • SB 902 died in committee.

CS/SB 904, Medicaid Pharmaceutical Rebates
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • CS/SB 904 PASSED the Legislature. See CS/SB 904

CS/SB 906 and CS/HB 1561, Learning Gateway
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami); Rep. Gayle Harrell (R-Port St. Lucie)

  • CS/SB 906 died in Messages; CS/HB 1561 died in committee.

HB 947 and CS/SB 1084, Medical Records/Presuits
Rep. Jack Seiler (D-Ft. Lauderdale); Sen. Alex Villalobos (R-Miami)

  • HB 947 PASSED the Legislature; CS/SB 1084 was tabled. See HB 947

HB 985 and CS/SB 2146, Medical Records/Solicitation
Rep. Charlie Justice (D-St. Petersburg); Sen. Richard Miller (D-Jasper)

  • HB 985 died on H. Calendar; CS/SB 2146 died in Messages.

HB 995 and SB 1688, Police Report Access
Rep. Denise Lee (D-Jacksonville); Sen. Betty Holzendorf (D-Jacksonville)

  • HB 995 died in committee; SB 1688 died in committee.

SB 996, Identity Theft
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • SB 996 died in committee.

SB 998, Privacy & Public Records
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • SB 998 died in committee.

HB 1083 and CS/CS/SB 1356, Autopsy Photos
Rep. Randy Johnson (R-Winter Garden); Sen. Jim King (R-Jacksonville)

  • HB 1083 PASSED the Legislature; CS/CS/SB 1356 was tabled. SEE HB 1083

CS/CS/SB 1092 and CS/HB 1819, Illegal Use of Public Records
H. Insurance Committee

  • CS/CS/SB 1092 PASSED the Legislature; CS/HB 1819 was tabled. See CS/CS/SB 1092

CS/HB 1103 and CS/SB 1458, Insurer Receivership
Rep. Anne Gannon (D-Delray Beach); Sen. Ron Klein (D-Delray Beach)

  • CS/HB 1103 died in council; CS/SB 1458 died in Messages.

HB 1147 and CS/SB 1734, DOI/Personal Information
Rep. Will Kendrick (D-Carrabelle); Sen. Tom Rossin (D-Royal Palm Beach)

  • HB 1147 died on H. Calendar; CS/SB 1734 died in Messages.

SB 1186, Law Enforcement Employees
Sen. Lee Constantine (R-Altamonte Springs)

  • SB 1186 died in committee.

SB 1200 and HB 1619, Nursing Homes
Sen. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Brooksville); Rep. Lois Frankel (D-West Palm Beach)

  • SB 1200 PASSED the Legislature, HB 1619 died in H. committee. See SB 1200

SB 1238 and HB 1951, ParaTransit Services
Sen. Jim Sebesta (R-St. Petersburg); H. State Administration

  • SB 1238 died on S. Calendar; HB 1951 died on H. Calendar.

CS/SB 1280 and HB 1585, Abandoned Property
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach); Rep. Nancy Detert (R-Venice)

  • CS/SB 1280 died in committee; HB 1585 died in Messages.

HB 1385 and CS/SB 2178, Temporary Assistance Programs
Rep. Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa); Sen. Durrell Peaden (R-Crestview)

  • HB 1385 PASSED the Legislature; CS/SB 2178 tabled. See HB 1385

CS/HB 1405, Release of Student Records
Rep. Donna Clarke (R-Sarasota)

  • CS/HB 1405 died on H. Calendar.

HB 1421, Qualified Tax Refund Programs
H. Economic Development

  • HB 1421 died on H. Calendar.

CS/HB 1437 and CS/SB 1762, Communication Systems
Rep. Randy Ball (R-Titusville); Sen. Bill Posey (R-Rockledge)

  • CS/HB 1437 died on H. Calendar; CS/SB 1762 died on S. Calendar.

CS/SB 1466 and CS/HB 1805, Accident Reports
Sen. Debby Sanderson (R-Ft. Lauderdale); H. Insurance Committee

  • CS/SB 1466 was tabled; CS/HB 1805 PASSED the Legislature. See CS/HB 1805

HB 1517 and CS/SB 2082, HMO/Risk-Based Capital Reports
Rep. Perry McGriff (D-Gainesville); Sen. Lisa Carlton (R-Osprey)

  • HB 1517 died in committee; CS/SB 2082 died in committee.

HB 1523 and CS/SB 1562, Tobacco Industry
Rep. Irving Slosberg (D-Boca Raton); Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • HB 1523 died on H. Calendar; CS/SB 1562 PASSED the Legislature. See CS/SB 1562

HB 1537 and SB 1678, Agency Contracting/State Employees
H. State Administration; Sen. Jim King (R-Jacksonville)

  • HB 1537 died on H. Calendar; SB 1678 died in committee.

CS/HB 1541, Economic Development Agencies
H. Economic Development

  • CS/HB 1541 PASSED the Legislature. See CS/HB 1541

SB 1552, Form DD-214
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • SB 1552 died in committee.

SB 1560 and CS/HB 1763, DEP/Internet Notice
Sen. Durrell Peaden (R-Crestview); H. Information Technology

  • SB 1560 died in Messages; CS/HB 1763 died on H. Calendar.

HB 1565 and CS/SB 2124, Archaeological Sites
Rep. Mike Hogan (R-Jacksonville); Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • HB 1565 PASSED the Legislature; CS/SB 2124 was tabled. See HB 1565

HB 1695, Student Assessments Records
Rep. J.D. Alexander (R-Winter Haven)

  • HB 1695 died in committee.

CS/HB 1699 and CS/SB 2218, Windstorm Underwriting JUAs
Rep. Leslie Waters (R-Largo); Sen. Tom Rossin (D-Royal Palm Beach)

  • CS/HB 1699 died on H. Calendar; CS/SB 2218 died on S. Calendar.

HB 1701 and SB 1766, Code Enforcement Officers & Human Resource Managers
Rep. Chris Smith (D-Ft. Lauderdale); Sen. Victor Crist (R-Tampa)

  • HB 1701 died in Messages; SB 1766 PASSED the Legislature. See SB 1766

CS/SB 1726 and HB 1881, Elderly Affairs/Personal Information
Sen. Burt Saunders (R-Cape Coral); H. Health Regulation

  • CS/SB 1726 PASSED the Legislature; HB 1881 died on H. Calendar. See SB 1726

HB 1771, Juvenile Records
Rep. Jerry Melvin (R-Ft. Walton Beach)

  • HB 1771 died on H. Calendar.

CS/SB 1836 and CS/HB 1891, DOR/Communications Tax
Sen. Lisa Carlton (R-Osprey); H. Utilities & Telecommunications

  • CS/SB 1836 PASSED the Legislature; CS/HB 1891 was tabled. See CS/SB 1836

SB 1838, Financial Statements/Bidders
Sen. Daryl Jones (D-Miami)

  • WITHDRAWN from consideration.

CS/SB 1848 Nursing Home Claimants
Sen. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Brooksville)

  • CS/SB 1848 died in Messages.

HB 1871, Adverse Incident Reports
H. Health Regulation

  • HB 1871 died in committee.

SB 1898, Government Collection of Personal Information
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • SB 1898 died in committee.

SB 1930, Central Voter File
Sen. Skip Campbell (D-Tamarac)

  • WITHDRAWN from consideration.

SB 1944, Chief Privacy & Public Access Officer
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • SB 1944 died in committee.

SB 1958, Investigations/Compensation Claims
Sen. Jack Latvala (R-Palm Harbor)

  • SB 1958 died in Messages.

SB 2006, Juvenile Justice Records
Sen. Anna Cowin (R-Leesburg)

  • SB 2006 died in committee.

CS/SB 2028, Production of Records
Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)

  • CS/SB 2028 died in Messages.

SB 2128, Lists of State Employees
Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Miami)

  • SB 2128 died in committee.

SB 2170, DOI Records
Sen. Betty Holzendorf (D-Jacksonville)

  • SB 2170 died in committee.

SB 2228, Long-Term Care JUA
Sen. Betty Holzendorf (R-Jacksonville)

  • SB 2228 died in committee.


  1. CS/CS/SB 306 Crime Victims Notification: In pertinent part, requires the Department of Corrections (DOC) to notify the state attorney and a victim or the victim’s parent, guardian, or representative that an inmate has been approved for community work release (amending s. 947.175, F.S.), and stipulates that a victim or the victim’s parent, guardian or next of kin may review the presentence investigation report (amending s. 958.07, F.S.). Also stipulates that a victim or witness must be given information about the address confidentiality program, and that a victim of a sexual offense must be informed of the right to have the courtroom cleared of certain persons when the victim is testifying concerning the offense (amending 960.001, F.S.). Sen. Charlie Clary (R-Destin) DOES NOT CREATE AN EXEMPTION
  2. HB 385 OGSR/Sealed Bids – Municipal Utilities: Reenacts, without change, s. 119.07(3)(aa), F.S., providing an exemption for records used by a municipally-owned utility to prepare and submit bids relative to the sale, distribution, or use of any service, commodity, or tangible personal property to customers or prospective customers, and stipulating that the exemption does not apply when the contract is executed, a decision is made not to execute such contract, or the project is no longer under active consideration. H. State Administration Committee
  3. HB 387 OGSR/Donors – Sports-Related Industries: Reenacts, without change, s. 288.12295, F.S., providing an exemption for the identity of donors or prospective donors to sports-related industry direct support organizations (DSO) upon request of the donor or prospective donor. H. State Administration Committee
  4. HB 393 OGSR/Tourism Marketing & Research Projects: Reenacts, without change, s. 288.1226, F.S., providing an exemption for the identity of persons responding to marketing and advertising research projects conducted by the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation, and for trade secrets obtained pursuant to such activities. H. State Administration Committee
  5. HB 395 OGSR/Airport Security Plans: Reenacts, without change, s. 331.22, F.S., providing an exemption for airport security plans and photographs, maps, blueprints, drawings, and similar material depicting critical airport operating facilities. H. State Administration Committee
  6. HB 397 OGSR/Personal Information – Toll Facilities: Reenacts, without change, s. 338.155, F.S., providing an exemption for personal information provided to the Department of Transportation, a county, or an expressway authority for the purpose of prepayment of toll facility charges. H. State Administration Committee
  7. HB 399 OGSR/911 Telephone Calls: Reenacts, without change, s. 365.171, F.S., providing an exemption for information that would identify a person requesting emergency services or reporting an emergency in 911 tapes while such information is in the custody of the agency providing emergency services. Identical to SB 384. H. State Administration Committee
  8. HB 401 OGSR/Antitrust No-Action Letters: Reenacts, without change, s. 408.185, F.S., providing an exemption for trade secrets, preferred provider organization contracts, health maintenance organization contracts, marketing plans, and proprietary business information provided to the Attorney General by a health care company pursuant to a request for an antitrust no-action letter. H. State Administration Committee
  9. HB 403 OGSR/Pawnbroker Transaction Records: Reenacts, without change, s. 539.003, F.S., providing an exemption for pawnbroker transaction records provided to law enforcement agencies. H. State Administration Committee
  10. HB 405 OGSR/Surplus Lines Insurance Records: Reenacts and changes the exemption in s. 626.921, F.S. for trade secret information provided to the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office. HB 405 deletes the current exemption for trade secrets and creates an exemption for information furnished to the Surplus Lines Service Officer under the Surplus Lines Law if disclosure of the information would reveal information specific to a particular policy or policyholder. Stipulates that the exemption does not prohibit the disclosure of such information to the Department of Insurance and that it does not apply to any proceeding instituted by the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office. Requires review under the OGSR Act in 2006. H. State Administration Committee
  11. HB 407 OGSR/University Health Services Support Organizations: Reenacts and partially narrows s. 240.2996, F.S., providing various public records exemptions and a meetings exemption for university health services support organizations. Reenacts, without change, public records exemptions for (1) contracts for managed care arrangements; (2) trade secrets, including methodologies and rates; (3) records of peer review panels relating solely to the evaluation of health care services and professional credentials; and (4) those portions of the minutes of the board which contain information about contracts, documents, records, marketing plans, or trade secrets. Reenacts, without change, the exemption for portions of board meetings during which confidential and exempt information is discussed. Narrows the public records exemption for an organization’s marketing plan by specifying that the exemption applies only if the information could be used by a competitor to frustrate, circumvent, or exploit the purpose of the plan prior to its implementation. H. State Administration Committee
    Approved by the Governor; Ch. 2001-35.
  12. CS/CS/HB 721 Individual Agricultural Records: Creates a public records exemption for individual agricultural records relating to processes or methods of production, or relating to costs of production, profits, or other financial information not otherwise subject to public disclosure, which are reported to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOA) pursuant to rules relating to pollution reduction established by DOA . Allows access to such exempt records by the Department of Environmental Protection or a water management district. Rep. Dwight Stansel (R-Live Oak)
  13. CS/SB 772 Non-Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Services: Creates a public records exemption for information identifying recipients of or applicants for non-Title IV-D child support enforcement services provided by a county agency. Allows access to the exempt information pursuant to a court order. Sen. Debby Sanderson (R-Ft. Lauderdale)
  14. CS/SB 840 DOH/Identifying & Financial Information: Creates a public record exemption for all personally identifying information, bank account numbers, and debit, credit, and charge card numbers contained in records relating to an individual’s personal health or eligibility for health-related services made or received by the DOH or its service providers. Allows for the disclosure of such information only upon written consent of the individual, in a medical emergency, and by an order of the court. Sen. Burt Saunders (R-Cape Coral)
  15. CS/SB 892 Deferred Presentment: Creates a public records exemption for identifying information contained in the deferred presentment provider database. (A “deferred presentment provider” is someone who accepts a post-dated check or agrees to wait a certain number of days before cashing a check—a transaction similar to a loan. The CS/CS/1526 and 314 requires creation of the database.) Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Hialeah)
  16. CS/SB 904 Medicaid Pharmaceutical Rebates: Creates a public record exemption for trade secrets, rebate amounts, percent of rebates, manufacturer’s pricing, and supplemental rebates contained in records of the Agency for Health Care Administration relating to pharmaceutical supplemental rebate negotiations. Also creates a meetings exemption for meetings of the Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee at which such information is discussed. Sen. Rudy Garcia (R-Hialeah)
  17. HB 947 Medical Malpractice/Release of Records: Amends s. 766.104, F.S., to allow for the release of all medical and care and treatment records to certain, specified persons for the purpose of completing a medical malpractice investigation. Stipulates that a health care practitioner complying with the disclosure requirements will not be liable for any civil damages attributable to the disclosure. Rep. Jack Seiler (D-Ft. Lauderdale) DOES NOT CREATE AN EXEMPTION
  18. HB 1083 Autopsy Photographs: Creates a public records exemption for autopsy photos, videos, or audio tapes in the custody of a medical examiner, allowing access by the surviving spouse, surviving parent, or adult child and by government agencies in furtherance of official duties, but stipulates that the identity of the deceased is exempt from public disclosure. Also allows access by anyone upon court order and a showing of good cause, but requires a judge, in finding good cause, to balance the public’s right of oversight and the family’s privacy interests. Finally, requires that surviving family members be given reasonable notice of a request to inspect or copy such records and reasonable notice of the opportunity to be present and heard at any hearing. Stipulates that the exemption apply retroactively. Reps. Randy Johnson (R-Winter Garden); Jeff Miller (R-Milton)
    Approved by the Governor; Ch. 2001-1.
  19. CS/CS/HB 1092 Illegal Use of Public Records: In pertinent part, amends Florida’s Public Records Law, making it a third degree felony to use information concerning the victims of crimes or accidents obtained from police reports for commercial solicitation purposes. Sen. Skip Campbell (D-Tamarac) DOES NOT CREATE AN EXEMPTION
  20. SB 1200 Nursing Homes/Internal Risk-Management Records: Creates a public records exemptions for (1) records of meetings of nursing home risk-management and quality assurance committees; (2) incident reports filed with facility risk managers and administrators; (3) notifications of adverse incidents; and (4) adverse incident reports. Allows the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to release such records to the appropriate law enforcement agency or regulatory board if AHCA has a reasonable belief that facility staff has engaged in criminal activities or conduct requiring disciplinary action. Stipulates that the records retain their confidential and exempt status. Also creates an exemption for the meetings of nursing home risk-management and quality-assurance committees. Sen. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Brooksville)
  21. CS/HB 1385 Temporary Assistance Programs: Creates a public meetings exemption for portions of meetings held by the Department of Children and Family Services, the Agency for Workforce Innovation, Workforce Florida, the Department of Management Services, the Department of Health, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Education, a regional workforce board, and service providers of such agencies, at which information identifying individuals who have applied for or are receiving temporary assistance. Also creates a public records exemption for information identifying such individuals held by the same agencies. Specifies when, and under what conditions, such information may be released. Rep. Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa)
  22. CS/HB 1541 Economic Development Agencies: Amends the exemption in s. 288.075, F.S., relating to economic development agencies (EDA), to allow an EDA to extend the period of confidentiality for an additional year upon written request of the private corporation and a finding by the agency that the corporation is still actively considering locating, relocating, or expanding its business activities in the state. Expands the definition of “economic development agency” to include local government employees directly involved in business recruitment and expansion activities and the Florida Commercial Space Finance Corporation. Also creates an exemption for trade secret information contained in records of an economic development agency relating to the plans, intentions, or interests of a private corporation, stipulating that such information will be exempt for 10 years after the agency receives a request for confidentiality. H. Economic Development & International Trade
  23. CS/SB 1562 Tobacco Industry Records: Creates a public records exemption for proprietary confidential business information received by the Governor, the Attorney General, or outside counsel representing the State in negotiations for settlement payments pursuant to the tobacco settlement agreement, or received by the Comptroller or the Auditor General for purposes of verifying the settlement payments. Defines “proprietary confidential business information” as trade secrets, confidential Form 10 K information, internal auditing control policies and procedures, reports of internal auditors, financial and marketing information, financial statements, independent auditor report letters, analyses of specific revenue and expense items, and working papers, schedules, analyses, and reconciliations prepared by company personnel for the purpose of clarifying disclosure of revenues. Sen. Locke Burt (R-Ormond Beach)
  24. HB 1565 Archaeological Sites: Creates a public records exemption for any information identifying the location of archaeological sites in records maintained by the Division of Historical Resources if the Division finds that disclosure would create a substantial risk of harm, theft, or destruction at such sites. Rep. Mike Hogan (R-Jacksonville)
  25. CS/SB 1726 Elderly Affairs/Personal Information: Creates a public records exemption for personally identifying information contained in records related to an individual’s health or eligibility for or receipt of health-related, elder-care, or long-term care services received under programs administered or funded by the Department of Elderly Affairs. Allows access with the written consent of the subject of the record or his or her legal representative. Sen. Burt Saunders (R-Cape Coral)
  26. SB 1766 Code Enforcement Officers & Local Government Human Resource Managers: Creates a public records exemption for the home addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers and photographs of current or former human resource, labor relations, or employee relations managers or directors, and their spouses and children, of any local government agency or water management district whose duties include hiring and firing employees, labor contract negotiation, administration, or other personnel-related duties. Also expands the current exemption for the home addresses of code enforcement officers to include their spouses and children. Sen. Victor Crist (R-Tampa)
  27. CS/HB 1805 Accident Reports: Creates a public records exemption for the name, home or employment address, home or employment telephone number, or other personal information concerning those people involved in auto accidents and contained in accident reports for sixty days. Allows access by certain, specified parties, including print and broadcast journalists, during that sixty day period. Stipulates that any government employee in possession of such information who knowingly discloses it to a person not entitled to access is guilty of a third degree felony, and that any person who, knowing he or she is not entitled to obtain the confidential information, obtains or attempts to obtain such information is also guilty of a third degree felony. H. Insurance Committee
  28. HB 1811 Information Technology/Chief Privacy Officer: In pertinent part, authorizes the State Technology Office, within the Department of Management Services, to designate a State Chief Privacy Officer to be responsible for the continual review of policies, laws, rules, and practices of state agencies which may affect the privacy concerns of state residents. H. Information Technology Committee DOES NOT CREATE AN EXEMPTION
  29. CS/SB 1836 DOR/Communications Services Tax Information: Amends s. 213.053, F.S., to create a public records exemption for reports, audit files, notices of intent to audit, tax returns and other confidential tax information provided to the Department of Revenue (DOR) relating to communication services taxes and the Communication Services Tax Simplification Law. Authorizes the sharing of such information between DOR and local governments, and stipulates that such information, confidential and exempt while in the custody of the DOR, retains its confidential and exempt status when transferred to local government. Sen. Lisa Carlton (R-Osprey)
  30. HB 1845 Criminal Use of Personal Information: Amends s. 817.568, F.S., making it a second degree felony to willfully use personal identification information concerning an individual for the purpose of committing a fraud if the amount of the injury or fraud perpetrated is more than $75,000. Stipulates that if such offense was facilitated or furthered by the use of a public record, the offense is reclassified to the next higher degree. Allows for prosecution of the crime in the county where the victim resides or a county where any element of the crime was committed, and stipulates that prosecution must occur within three years after the offense occurred or within one year after discovery of the offense by the victim if within five years after the violation. H. Information Technology Committee DOES NOT CREATE AN EXEMPTION
  31. CS/SB 2220 Data Processing Software/Electronic Records: Reenacts, in its entirety, s. 119.083, F.S., which allows a government agency to copyright data processing software it develops and provides numerous provisions regarding access to public records in electronic formats. Grants government agencies the specific authority to establish a price for the sale or licensing of agency-created data processing software. Renumbers the section as 119.084. Sen. Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) DOES NOT CREATE AN EXEMPTION

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