1997 Legislative Report for Period Ending April 25

Symbol Meaning
Current action
CS Committee Substitute
P Passed both Chambers
W Withdrawn from further consideration

For Period Ending: April 25

SB 304 Journalists’ Shield Law: Creates an absolute privilege for confidential sources, stipulating that a professional journalists does not have to be a witness or disclose any information, including the identity of any source, that the journalist received in the course of gathering news; creates a qualified privilege for the same information, stipulating that the journalist does not have to disclose the information unless the party seeking the information can show that (1) the information is relevant and material to unresolved issues; (2) the information is not available from other sources; and (3) a compelling interest exists for requiring disclosure. Similar to CS/SB 71. Sen. Don Sullivan (R-Seminole)

  • S. Judiciary Committee: Not considered.

HB 1413 State Financial Matters: In part, allows the Department of Management Services to collect fees for the use of its “electronic information services;” stipulates that the fees, at a minimum, must be sufficient to cover the cost of providing the service, including overhead. Similar/identical to CS/SB 718. Rep. Alzo Reddick (D-Orlando)

  • H. General Government Appropriations Committee: A “strike everything” amendment making technical changes to the substance of the bill is adopted; reported favorably with one amendment.

CS/CS/SB 2028 Driver History Records: Implements the federal Driver’s Privacy & Protection Act; creates an exemption for personal identifying information contained in motor vehicle records upon request by the person who is the subject of the record; provides certain exceptions; authorizes disclosure of driver history records under certain circumstances. Similar to CS/HB 95. Sen. Jim Hargrett (D-Tampa)

  • S. Ways & Means Committee: Amended to include an exemption for foster care licensees (the substance of SB 354), and to increase the fees for copies of driver history records from $3.00 to $3.10; reported favorably as a CS.

SB 2430 Personal Financial Information/Housing Assistance Award: Creates an exemption for personal financial information provided by applicants for a housing assistance award administered by a local government entity; stipulates that such exemption is for a period of three years and does not apply to information related to action taken by the local government in processing a particular application. Also allows a party to petition a court for access to the exempt information. Sen. Buddy Dyer (D-Orlando)

  • S. Community Affairs Committee: One technical amendment adopted; reported favorably with one amendment.


Short report this week, but lot’s of action is just over the horizon as we enter the last week of the 1997 Legislative Session. Our final report will list all of the bills the Foundation has tracked this year, with an analysis of any floor action. So, keep your fingers crossed, and let’s hope that the good stuff passes and the bad stuff fails. If you have any questions about action on any bill, give us a call at (904) 222-3518 or (800) 337-3518.

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