1996 Legislative Report for Period Ending March 19

Symbol Meaning
Current action
CS Committee Substitute
P Passed both Chambers
W Withdrawn from further consideration

For Period Ending: March 19

HB 1067 Risk-Based Capital of Insurers: Creates an exemption for the risk-based capital reports of insurers filed with the Department of Insurance. Similar to SB 286. Rep. Buddy Johnson (R-Plant City)

  • H. Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance Subcommittee: Amended to stipulate that the initial risk-based capital reports are public record, and to exempt risk-based capital plans and working papers until the Department of Insurance files a forma administrative complaint or emergency order, or until conclusion of the risk-based capital plan, whichever is earlier; reported favorably.

SB 1854 Exemption for Joint Public-Private Development Proposals: Creates an exemption for proposals submitted for the lease of property for joint public-private development of Department of Transportation property. Identical to HB 2045. Sen. Howard Forman (D-Hollywood)

  • S. Transportation: Reported favorably.

HB 2363 Exemption for Automobile Joint Underwriting Association: Creates an exemption for the underwriting files, open claims files, audit records, minutes of closed meetings, and other records of the Automobile Joint Underwriting Association for a specific period of time. Also closes meetings of the JUA when discussing exempt records.

  • H. Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance Subcommittee: Reported favorably.



HB 2681 Victim and Witness Protection Protocol: Creates an exemption for certain information relating to a victim or witness to a crime obtained in connection with a victim and witness protection protocol established by the Department of Law Enforcement; also exempts information relating to the protection program. Similar to SB 2852. Rep. Addie L. Greene (D-West Palm Beach)

SB 2852 Victim Exemptions: Similar to HB 2681. Sen. Tom Rossin (D-West Palm Beach)

You will certainly have noticed the brevity of this week’s Legislative Report. Barbara Petersen, our executive director, was out of the office from March 20 through March 22, and was thus unable to report legislative activity. What follows is a list of bills scheduled for consideration on those days. Any legislative action on these bills will be reported next week. In the meantime, if you have any questions about one of the following bills, call the Foundation at (904) 224-4555.

Wednesday, 20 March

H. Governmental Operations Committee

  • HB 47 Safety & Privacy for Jurors Act
  • HB 231 Restorative Justice Boards
  • HB 1869 Agency Sealed Bids (amend?)
  • HB 2045 DOT Public-Private Development
  • HB 2421 Exemption for Airport and Airport Employees
  • HB 165 University Health Services Support Organizations

H. Health Care Committee

  • HB 171 Managed Care Ombudsman Committee

H. Judiciary Committee

  • HB 1853 Health Care Services Programs

H. Business, Business Regulation Subcommittee

  • HB 977 Exemption for Pawnbroker Transactions

H. Finance & Tax, General Government Subcommittee

  • HB 1111 Exemptions from Ad Valorem Taxes

Thursday, 21 March

H. Criminal Justice Committee

  • HB 1931 Child Pornography

H. Commerce, Banking & Corporations Subcommittee

  • HB 2109 Probable Cause Proceedings

H. Utilities, Public Utilities Subcommittee

  • HB 2515 Public Utilities Records

S. Health Care Committee

  • SB 1726 Exemption for Anti-Trust No Action Letters
  • SB 42 Exemption for Managed Care Ombudsman Complaints
  • SB 2222 Damages Against HMOs

H. Utilities Committee

  • HB 2523 911 Tapes
  • HB 2515 Public Utility Records (if reported from sub)

The First Amendment Foundation wishes to thank Florida Legislative Reporters for providing the Foundation with on-line access to its FAST System.

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