1996 Legislative Report for Period Ending April 5

Symbol Meaning
Current action
CS Committee Substitute
P Passed both Chambers
W Withdrawn from further consideration

For Period Ending: April 5

SB 668 Public Records Exemptions: Deletes several public records exemptions that expired under OGSR in 1995 and were not reenacted. S. Govtal Reform Committee

  • Senate: Bill read 2nd time; temporarily deferred.

SB 1190 Exemption for 911 Tapes: Expands current exemption for the name, address, and telephone number of callers to 911 to exempt all 911 record; amended in S. Commerce to exempt only the name, address, telephone number & identifying information of caller and person requesting service. Similar to HB 2523. Sen. John McKay (R-Bradenton)

  • S. Judiciary Committee: Reported favorably.

SB 1726 Exemption for Antitrust No-Action Letters: Creates an exemption for certain information submitted by a member of the health care community to the AGO in a request for an antitrust no-action letter. Similar/identical to HB 889; HB 1223; HB 1359 Sen. John Grant (R-Tampa)

  • S. Judiciary Committee: Minor amendment adopted; reported favorably with 1 amendment.

SB 1902 Environmental Self-Audits: In part, allows a self-auditor to refuse to disclose, and prevent others from disclosing, an environmental self-audit report; specifies who may claim the privilege; and provides for waiver of the privilege and conditions under which the privilege does not apply. Similar to HB 1817. Sen. Bill Bankhead (R-Jacksonville)

  • S. Natural Resources Committee: Testimony taken; temporarily deferred.

SB 2222 Damages Against HMOs: In part, clarifies that the term “identifying information” means information identifying patients, not HMOs. Similar to HB 1853. Sen. Ron Silver (D-N. Miami Beach)

  • S. Judiciary Committee: Temporarily deferred.

SB 2754 Exemption for Board of Regent Records: Creates an exemption for information contained in appraisal reports obtained by the Board of Regents for property acquisition. Sen. George Kirkpatrick (D-Gainesville)

  • S. Higher Education Committee: Temporarily deferred.

SB 2810 Exemption for Pawnbroker Transactions: Creates an exemption for pawnbroker transaction records delivered to law enforcement officials. Identical to HB 977. Sen. Fred Dudley (R-Cape Coral)

  • S. Agriculture Committee: Two technical amendments adopted; reported favorably.



HB 2403 Exemption for Financial Regulatory Board: Creates an exemption for meetings or portions of meetings of the Financial Services Regulatory Board when addressing confidential matters; also exempts all records generated during the closed portions of those closed meetings. Rep. Sandy Safley (R-Clearwater)


SB 3044 Information Management: In part, stipulates that public record information developed and stored by state agencies may not be made available for commercial use unless an appropriate fee is paid; establishes the Information Marketing Council to be housed within the Department of Management Services for the purpose of executing licensing agreements for entire files of public record information in any electronic format or medium. Sen. Bill Bankhead (R-Jacksonville)

Again, you will note the brevity of this week’s Legislative Report. The House and Senate adjourned mid-day on Wednesday for observance of Passover and Good Friday.

The First Amendment Foundation wishes to thank Florida Legislative Reporters for providing the Foundation with on-line access to its FAST System.

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