1996 Legislative Report for Period Ending April 12

Symbol Meaning
Current action
CS Committee Substitute
P Passed both Chambers
W Withdrawn from further consideration

For Period Ending: April 12

SB 668 Public Records Exemptions: Deletes several public records exemptions that expired under the Open Government Sunset Review Act in 1995 and were not reenacted. S. Governmental Reform & Oversight Committee

  • Senate: Passed the Senate. [39-0]

HB 739 Guardians Ad Litem: Renumbers and reenacts exemption for information obtained pursuant to required background check for participants in the guardian ad litem program. Similar to SB 78. H. Judiciary Committee

  • Became law without the Governor’s signature.

SB 766 Motor Vehicle Records: Implements the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act by stipulating that the name, address, telephone number, social security number, driver identification number, photograph, and medical disability information of any person contained in any motor vehicle record is exempt upon request of such person. Similar to HB 717. S. Transportation Committee

  • S. Transportation Committee: Lengthy amendment conforming substance of bill to CS/HB 717 is adopted, as are amendments allowing for certain exceptions for access to driver history records of those who opted-out of public record; reported favorably as a CS.

W HB 1223 Exemption for Antitrust No-Action Letter: Creates an exemption for health care information submitted to the Attorney General in a request for an antitrust no-action letter. Identical to HB 1359; similar to HB 889; HB 1035. Rep. Tom Warner (R-Stuart)

  • Withdrawn from further consideration.

SB 1252 Exemption for Sealed Bids by Agencies: Creates an exemption for documents used by an agency to prepare and submit certain sealed bids for a specified period. Identical to HB 1869. Sen. Betty Holzendorf (D-Jacksonville)

  • S. Governmental Reform & Oversight Committee: Amendment stipulating that exemption applies only to documents used directly or solely by a municipally owned utility to prepare and submit bids is adopted; reported favorably as a CS.

HB 1817 Environmental Self-Audit Report and Voluntary Disclosure Act: In part, allows a self-auditor to refuse to disclose, and prevent others from disclosing, an environmental self-audit report. Similar to HB 1902. Rep. Kelley Smith (D-Palatka)

  • H. Natural Resources/Environmental Protection Subcommittee: Temporarily deferred.

CS/SB 2222 Damages Against HMOs: In part, clarifies that the exemption for “identifying information” in quality assurance reports applies to people, not corporations. Similar to HB 1853. Sen. Ron Silver (D-North Miami Beach)

  • S. Judiciary Committee: Reported favorably.

SB 2550 Exemption for Airports and Airport Employees: Creates an exemption for the home address, telephone number, and social security number of airport employees; also exempts the security plans, photographs, maps, blueprints, drawings, and other materials that depict critical airport operating facilities. Identical to HB 2421. Sen. Buddy Dyer (D-Orlando)

  • S. Governmental Reform & Oversight Committee: Amendment stipulating that exemption applies only to records held by an aviation authority or department (conforms to House companion) is adopted; reported favorably.

HB 2681 Victim and Witness Protection Protocol: Creates an exemption for certain information relating to a victim or witness to a crime obtained in connection with a victim and witness protection protocol established by FDLE; also exempts information relating to the protection program. Similar to SB 2852. Rep. Addie Greene (D-West Palm Beach)

  • H. Governmental Operations Committee: Amendment clarifying when exemption applies and stipulating that such information may become public under certain conditions is adopted; reported favorably as a CS.

SB 2726 Exemption for Bank Account and Debit Card Numbers: Creates an exemption for bank account and debit or credit card numbers given to an agency for payment of any fee or debt. Identical to HB 1465. Sen. Katherine Harris (R-Sarasota)

  • S. Governmental Reform & Oversight Committee: Amendment to include charge card numbers is adopted; reported favorably.

SB 2810 Exemption for Pawnbroker Transactions: Creates an exemption for pawnbroker transaction records delivered to law enforcement officials. Identical to HB 977. Sen. Fred Dudley (R-Cape Coral)

  • S. Governmental Reform & Oversight Committee: Two technical amendments adopted; reported favorably.

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