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The First Amendment Foundation hopes we can count on your support by becoming a member of the Foundation! Your membership in the Foundation will ensure that we can continue and expand our work in open government and will help us help more Floridians understand the value of transparency in open government.

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Membership to the First Amendment Foundation includes the following:

  • Legislative Updates
  • Discounts to Sunshine Seminars
  • Access to toll-free hotline

Memberships at the $100+ level grants also includes:

  • Access to the Members Only Page
  • Expedited Hotline Access
  • The most up-to-date Exemptions Database
  • The FOIA Machine to track FOIA requests

Do you care about Government in the Sunshine? About your right to know what your government is doing?

There is only one organization in Florida helping citizens, businesses, and government officials alike in the fight for open government and greater transparency at all levels. That’s the Florida First Amendment Foundation (FAF), a nonprofit serving the Sunshine State for over 30 years. We’re working for you – and we need your help.

The FAF operates a toll-free hotline available to anyone with a question about Florida’s open government laws. We track legislation in Tallahassee and fight efforts to make government less transparent. We enlist a team of attorneys offering largely pro bono services to aggressively go after government agencies that block or stall legitimate access to information. We conduct Sunshine Seminars across the state, training hundreds of public officials, journalists, attorneys, and concerned citizens each year on Florida’s public records and open meetings laws.

Our actions get results. In the past year, we led a broad coalition of open government advocates and defeated a bill that would have made it harder to hold agencies accountable for public records violations. In dozens of courthouses and government offices around the country, citizens – with FAF’s help – won access to the records and meetings.

Still, our job has never been more challenging and, with your help, we will continue to fight efforts to erode Florida’s long-standing tradition of open government.  We will continue to provide warning – and weapons – to concerned policy makers and state leaders before, during and after each legislative session. We will continue to train people in how to comply with the law and challenge those who don’t. And we will continue to fight – in Tallahassee and across the state – for your right of access to the records and meetings of your government.

How can you help? Help us fight for your right to government transparency and accountability and keep the Sunshine in Florida Government by becoming a member or making a donation today.

Annual Membership Dues

Individual Members and Donors of $100 or more receive access to the Members Only Page

Individual Membership Dues
$500 Level – Friend of the First Amendment $500.00 USD
$250 Level – Friend of the First Amendment $250.00 USD
$100 Level – Friend of the First Amendment $100.00 USD

To become a member at a lower level:

Individual Membership Dues
$50 Level – Friend of the First Amendment $50.00 USD
$25 Level – Friend of the First Amendment $25.00 USD
Student Memberships
Individual Student Memberships $10.00 USD
Institutional Student Memberships $100.00 USD
(Institutional Student Memberships include school newspapers, television and radio stations, clubs, etc.)
Legal Membership Dues
Firm Membership $2,500.00 USD
Individual $325.00 USD
Other Members – Corporations and Private Investigator Membership
Corporation (More than 500 Employees) $5,000.00 USD
Corporation (50 to 500 Employees) $2,500.00 USD
Corporation (10 to 49 Employees) $1,500.00 USD
Corporation (Under 10 Employees) $1,000.00 USD
Non-affiliated $100.00 USD
FALI Member $50.00 USD
Daily Newspaper Membership Dues – Based on Circulation
Above 300,000 $5,475.00 USD
200,001 – 300,000 $4,775.00 USD
150,001 – 200,000 $4,100.00 USD
100,001 – 150,000 $3,425.00 USD
80,001 – 100,000 $2,750.00 USD
50,001 – 80,000 $2,050.00 USD
30,001 – 50,000 $1,375.00 USD
10,001 – 30,000 $1,000.00 USD
Under 10,000 $675.00 USD

Non-Daily Newspaper Membership Dues – Based on Circulation
Above 100,000 $550.00 USD
25,001 – 100,000 $425.00 USD
10,001 – 25,000 $275.00 USD
5,001 – 10,000 $150.00 USD
Under 5,000 $75.00 USD
Other Media – Broadcast, Bureaus, and Online Membership Dues
Television Membership $500.00 USD
Radio Membership $250.00 USD
News Bureaus $275.00 USD
Online Publications $250.00 USD
Associations & Organizations Membership Dues
Press Associations $5,375.00 USD
General $550.00 USD
Nonprofit & Governmental Agencies $300.00 USD
Public Libraries (Service Population Above 140,000) $300.00 USD
Public Libraries (Service Population 35,000 – 140,000) $150.00 USD
Public Libraries (Service Population Under 35,000) $75.00 USD

To view our IRS Determination Letter, please click here.


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