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The First Amendment Foundation is a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the public’s constitutional right to oversee its government through Florida’s Sunshine and Public Records Law. Acting as the public’s advocate, the Foundation provides a variety of services to citizens, government officials, and the media.

With your support through our store, we can continue to provide these services for many years to come.


2019 Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual: The Manual is a comprehensive guide to Florida’s Open Meetings and Public Records Laws, and is published by the First Amendment Foundation each year in cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office. The Sunshine Manual provides public officials, citizen activists, and journalists with up-to-date information, including recent case law and attorney general opinions.

Price: $19.95

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[CLICK HERE to Purchase -Bulk Orders: 16 or more 2019 Government in the Sunshine Manual – (Taxable)]

If you would prefer to pick up your order at the First Amendment Foundation office, please contact info@floridafaf.org, or (850) 224-4555. No shipping will be charged for pick-up orders.

317 East Park Avenue, Lower Level
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Pocket GuidePocket Guide: The Pocket Guide is a small booklet designed to fit in a notebook or back pocket for handy access. It includes a review of the most frequently asked questions about open government laws. It also contains a list of open government resources when immediate help with an access issue is necessary.

Price: $3.00 [CLICK HERE to Purchase (Taxable)] 

        Price: $3.00 [CLICK HERE to Purchase (Tax-Exempt)] 

FAF Polo Shirts

Price: $24.95 [Click to Purchase (Taxable)]

Price: $24.95 [Click to Purchase (Tax – Exempt)]

Reporter's NotebookReporter’s Notebook: The multi-purpose Reporter’s Notebook contains the most pertinent Public Records and Sunshine Law information on the inside covers, leaving the inside pages available to take notes. The Reporter’s Notebook also provides a list of open government resources for immediate assistance with an access issue. Unavailable



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