Don’t be stingy with public ideas

The CRC had an extremely discriminating filter. Daytona Beach News Journal Editorial October 26, 2017 The Florida Constitution Revision Commission spent months traveling around the state asking citizens for their opinions on how to improve state government. Apparently, the panel
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CRC Chairman Carlos Beruff Letter in the Dayton Beach News Journal: “Commission is Listening”

RE: Don’t Be Stingy with Public Ideas | Daytona Beach News Journal editorial Commission is listening – Carlos Beruff letter to the editor November 1, 2017, Daytona Beach News Journal The Oct. 26 News-Journal editorial, “Don’t be stingy with public ideas,” correctly
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John Stemberger: Constitutional privacy fix will protect Floridians

Florida Politics by John Stemberger, Guest Author November 1, 2017 John Stemberger is a member of the 2017-18 Florida Constitution Revision Commission. He is an Orlando attorney, president of Florida Family Action Council, a conservative anti-abortion and anti-marriage equality group. I read with
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Panel should leave privacy right as is

Herald-Tribune Editorial October 31, 2017 Article I, Section 23, of the Florida Constitution states: “Right of privacy. Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life except as otherwise
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Open government watchdog barks at privacy measure

Florida Politics by Jim Rosica November 1, 2017 The Tallahassee-based First Amendment Foundation, the state’s public records and open meetings watchdog, is giving a thumbs down to a proposed Constitution Revision Commission(CRC) amendment on “privacy” for the 2018 ballot. Foundation President Barbara Petersen,
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