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  • Robert Mckitrick

    Barbara Petersen, I live in Ormond Beach and just read Daytona News Journal article pertaining Robert Mandarino, former fire chief accused of seeking services of prostitute that was undercover in a sting. I too question Chief Capri via email who responded the way described in the paper. If they are going to have these stings to discourage broken laws, it should apply to EVERYONE. Too often laws are broke by higher ups, police,fire, city workers,lawyers,judges,etc,and they get a slap on the hand and it is swept under the carpet due to “technicalities”. Had my fill of it! Will everyone get same penalty as Joseph Emanuel, who was also given preferential treatment? I hope you pursue this and maybe even lay it on the desk of our new governor. I respect ANF support first responders, but the need to live by the same laws. Was glad to see it brought to light in our paper twice now and somebody needs to provide a legitimate, honest answer.
    Sincerely, Robert McKitrick


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